Sunday, July 31, 2011

Project Highboy

I only seem to work on projects that involve furniture. I like the practicality of it, mostly. My last project was painting a desk white, which will have to be redone. It really just needs to be stripped clean and stained. I will never use regular paint again, unless someone can show me a paint that doesn't stick if you put something on top of it.

Anyways I have this highboy that I stripped a few years ago in the winter but I left it at that. After having it sit in my apartment unfinished and without handles, in my parents' basement collecting dust, and then in the garage getting in the way I finally took a Sunday and finished this baby up. Only thing is the handles need to be stripped again. Too dark. Here it is!

p.s. There is a water stain that I could not remove. It has been noted as character. That is also how I roll.

I loved how these handles were bulky with the elegant highboy. Kind of awkward ya know? It is how I roll. As you can see they are too dark, but I am anxious to see them on the dresser!

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