Sunday, January 30, 2011

Travel || Boston Public Library

Went to Boston for a quicky trip with the mom. While there I wanted to show her the Boston Public Library. You wouldn't find this in Chicago or LA. Seems like Ben Franklin should walk through the door or something. Guess I should be in Philly to expect more of that feeling. It was dark in most of the rooms, so I took several of the pictures with the lights in view. Just something a little different. So intricate this place is! I wanted to get pictures of the reading room but I did not want to disturb the readers.

Before I go into the Library pictures here is a friend I found outside the door. I think his buddy in the back was having a spazz attack.

This is across the street looking at Copley Square, with Trinity Church sticking out of the modern crowd.

Down the street. This is an unintentional shot but I liked how real it felt.

Happy 1st day of the week! Say hello to February!

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