Friday, December 24, 2010

Couples Session || Abdiel & Sara

I posted on my Facebook and Flickr account a while ago, several pictures from a photo session I had with Abdiel and Sara. I was too lazy at the time to write up a blog about it but tonight I have the time. One of my favorite things to do with photographs is look at them several weeks after I went through them the first time (after that rush of getting it off the camera). I always find something that didn't really catch my eye the first time. Sometimes I try these photographs in black and white for grins, or maybe a so-so picture in black and white. So instead of being redundant, I am showing you some pictures that no one has seen yet.

This photograph I actually cropped in quite a bit. I am short. I decided to stand on a tipsy dumpster. So in order to get rid of all the empty space and let you pay attention to the subjects, I cropped it. Yup. Sometimes you just have to do it. It pays to stand on the dumpster by the way. : )

And if you were paying extra close attention you will notice that every one of my black and whites have a different color tint to them. That is what happens when you don't follow the same procedure all the time. I just messed with some hues to give them a different look (hot or cool). If you did not notice, we can blame it on the distracting Ks changing colors.

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