Sunday, August 8, 2010

Personal || Blurb About Transition Part I

There it is night, and you are in a fog. More like a mist. There is not very much to see out there on the road. The headlights of your last bit of car have been shining on the parallel yellow lines for about thirty minutes. Leaning against the cool metal surface of the hood, you tilt your head back and rest your eyes. The dampness settles onto your skin and collects drops upon your lashes. You know that you should have gotten out the map back at that intersection 4 hours ago. It just seemed like you had more of a handle on where you were going. Everything looked pretty familiar, until you reached the thick woods. Strange how the open terrain ended in this foggy night out in the rustling forest with haunting howls. You want to relax your body, but fear grips and the chill causes you to grip your upper arms. A million thoughts go through your head. The gas tank is low, there was a clankity-clank under the hood, your stomach talks, fatigue engulfs your head, and there seems to be no way out of this mist. You have a final destination. The directions were just all lost in translation. You must make a decision. You must discover a solution...................

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