Sunday, June 20, 2010

Personal || Speaking For Me

We all have something to say. When no one seems to be listening we speak louder or repeatedly. I sometimes speak without thinking. Blunt, rough, and a little too much. Sometimes I want to contribute to an in depth discussion and feel my heart rate increase, causing my head to get a little buzz, then I just cannot hold it any longer inside. Out of fear of transitioning into the conversation, I have the apprehension.

There are smooth talkers, experienced initiators, multitasking conversationalists. I admire those that have the ability to bring people together through words and expressions. But what about those who panic inside as another speaks to them? What about those that speak and then the rest of the world takes it all the wrong way? What about those who become frustrated with all the words... the phrases?

Everyone has the ability to speak. We often get narrow-minded into believing that speaking is only done one particular way. We all want to be influential I think, but it takes stepping out into the risky zone of critique. If you want to be heard... through words, picture, actions, etc.... you have to trust in your own technique. God's gift to you. Once you embrace this, those that need your influence will hear.

Just make sure that you enjoy yourself while you do it. Put aside the frustration. Just speak.

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