Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So it looks like no one submitted anything but that is alright. There is always next time! The word for Friday is BIKE, so you have another chance. Since I posted the word for today I had an idea, but I did not take the picture till yesterday. After several different takes on it I finally came up with me holding the plugs. My camera became even more heavy as I was trying to hold those things in just the right places, while trying to hit the button at the same time. It probably would have been a little easier had I been using something other than a 50mm lens. Oh well! Here is the photograph that I took for today:

For details on what this challenge is about see my previous blog!


  1. Nice! I love the idea that the cords are attached to the appliances, but you have no clue what they are.

    All I could think of was kitchen appliances... and ours aren't all that fabulous.

  2. Ya, that is why I took pictures of plugs. :D