Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Light... I Cannot Talk Enough About It

I have always believed that God, though grand, is simple. Yes, there are concepts that we do not yet understand and there are plenty of mechanisms that we have discovered that remain mysterious. But this does not mean that the way that God governs the universe is out of our comprehension. Patterns exist through out the body, the world, the solar system, and straight to the Milky Way. He designed our minds to hold so much information in simple terms. Everything is packed away in relations, not individual details. These symbols that are activated each time that we remember are a series of patterns. Though our mind is mysterious still... it possesses the ability to store so much information in only a few pounds of tissue. Complex yet so basic. Maybe this is hard to understand in written terms.

God wants us to relax in His simple love. Here we can examine the beauty of His creation, though tainted by our curse. He wants us to notice His signature. Seven days of creation were not just for His own enjoyment. He created us in His own image... an image that craves companionship. Do you not enjoy experiencing something beautiful with someone? Does it create a lonely pit in your stomach when you notice the intense sunset with no one around? He made this all for us, that He might watch our faces light up.

The devil has clouded our minds cleverly. Through lies, doubt, disappointment, pride... we all fall prey to the darkness. In the dark we believe that God is far off somewhere playing hide and seek. We have become a people who believe that God is in the unknown. Mysterious colors in the sky and feathers in flight... we are afraid to know how nature works.

We do need to learn to appreciate what God has given us, but we also need to come to the realization that God wants us to know more. He wants us to see how He meticulously formed the hairs upon the cucumber. He wants us to stand in awe when we discover that the muscle is more than just a piece of meat... it moves with perfect form and glide. God's creation is infinite... just like His love.

Light. It is what gives a photograph energy and dimension. That is how God wants us to view His creation. He wants us to look at His work from all angles and see that it is not flat. He does not want us to stop learning. Growth... an infinite ability. Without Light we are void. Without Light I really do not have any inspiration. Light does not equal mystery. It reveals... makes clear... simplifies. One day we will understand and know that God is who He has always claimed to be. I cannot wait for that day. Awesome.

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