Monday, February 15, 2010

Rubies In The Rough

I just realized that I missed my Day After blog.... I was busy setting up my new and improved Flickr account yesterday so it was completely dismissed. I still have some tweaking to do so I won't post a link to that quite yet.

For now I want to show you what it is like to experience blessings in the midst of down right damage. I took these this morning as was suggested by Chris. Though he probably just wanted to get a little pleasure in seeing something damaged (haha) it really helped me realize something. Life really does throw rain on the parade sometimes BUT in the end you really can discover little surprises... unexpected turns and strange novelties. So here we have it...


  1. Love the shoes! Great shots of them, too. They look like they got water-stained, or is that just an effect?

  2. They were water stained... should have mentioned that in the blog. I had been bummed about the poor things and so turning them into some cool artistic photos made me feel a little bit better about it. :D

  3. Kystal, your making me desire to get another camera and get back into photography.