Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day After || Light Purpose

Slowly I am discovering light. I do not always notice it while I am getting a shot, which I know is pretty important. But I do notice it when I look at a picture that I have taken. How it manipulates and transforms an area or subject is amazing. Maybe once I wrap my mind around these properties I will be able to see it through the viewfinder more clearly. With driven determination and confidence, the light and I can work together and show you the beauty that still exists in this world. One step at a time we will reach the end of the tunnel. It is a break through and a change. We as humans have to stop feeling like the dark walls that surround us are comforting and protective. They are only there to make us go forward, that we may embrace what is outside. The freedom to embrace a 360, to the heavens and to each one around us. At that point we will feel the light all around us. This will give us the comforting warmth and the embrace that seeps deep into our skin.

Here are some pictures that I took of my little cousin Haylee today. She has so much energy and determination in her little body.

She is my little kindred spirit.

: )

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