Thursday, January 7, 2010

Right From The Source

Life gives you little surprises. Sometimes they are pretty strong. I spent my New Year's Eve with an awesome guy in an awesome city. At one point we went into the Boston Public Library. It was a pretty neat place to be. I particularly enjoyed the reading room. It was HUGE... height wise. What I found particularly interesting where how the desk lamps gave the illusion that the room had lower ceilings. Here is a picture of the desks...

This next picture is to show you how awesome the ceilings were and to sort of give you an idea of how grand the room was. This picture was taken by the awesome guy. ;)

I know that taking pictures is one of my most favorite past times, but sometimes we just have to let our eyes do their thing. Take in the scene the way it was originally created for. I could try and stop, in time, what I have experienced visually, but I want to give God the credit for the ultimate design. Why wait for someone else to show you what is beautiful, magnificent, and breath taking? Experience it right from the source that was given to you from birth.

Happy New Decade!

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