Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Determined To Be Not So Blue

I was feeling pretty unsettled about the fact that my white on white images were not working out very well. I wanted the color assignment to be a success. So this afternoon I decided to look at another color besides white... and yellow. I am pretty happy with the outcome though it was the best shot out of too many. I have a problem with getting things in focus these days. I am not sure if I should apply that to life in general also or just hope that its my camera's fault. Ha. You can only make that partially true... if ever. Here is the picture.

I figured it was appropriate to take a picture of blue on such a dreary cold wintry day. Of course this did not naturally exist but I thought of it as a type of painting or just a work of art. I really do need to work on getting my exposures right and setting my aperture at a reasonable setting so that SOMETHING is in focus. It is driving me nuts.

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  1. yes, Kyrstal, that is what is needed. Work more on perfecting your aperture setting. Since I don't take as many photos these days I am now lost as to remember just is best for setting background and foreground to be equal. Keep searching you'll find it sooner or later.

    God Bless