Monday, December 7, 2009

Naturally Yellow

At the beginning of my photographer class I was pretty excited that we had a color theme assignment. Later on when I found out the examples and learned that the composition needed to lean more towards naturally existing, I was not as excited. Maybe I should have been because natural is good, but for some reason I wanted to set up this crazy bright color theme. This only occurs in unnatural circumstances... for the most part. Well I was able to capture one picture that I was particularly proud of. Another one I like but most would think of of it as a product shot.

The first two here are of a yellow theme (obviously) including the walls.

I wanted to do white on white real bad. It is not overly creative but I had to try.
I was having some issues with RAW (the image being unnaturally pixelated) but I think it had something to do with me changing the levels dramatically with the white towel images. Since light meters want to set the light/color to battleship gray I had to make major changes. Before my next class I am going to take some pictures to compare the JPEG and RAW formats.

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