Monday, October 19, 2009

Starting Off Right...

So I am beginning to think that I should retire my Xanga blog and continue with Blogspot from now on. Although no one knows of my blog, I hope to soon have it up and running for business. Here in this particular blog I plan to post photographs of my progress as a photographer. I am currently taking my first digital photography course after a few years of just putting around with the camera on my own.

I would also like to discuss the name of my blog. Through my dad's inspiration I decided to call my gallery of favorites and work, KAM.ERA, before I quickly decided to create a website on ShowIt. It asked for a business name and at first it freaked me out... "A business name?! I have to have a business in order to have a site here?"... and then I was like "why not?" So here we are.

The latest assignment that I have for class is based on technical skill and not necessarily creativity. So far I have one image that I like. I am not quite sure why the background has a tint of color gradient, but I enjoy the crisp look of the basket. Here you go...

The basket is actually from South Africa. It was given to my mom by a friend several years back. Anyways, I want to leave this blog also to all discussion about photography and how I can improve and what tips I have discovered along the way. I hope to make this a place where people can discuss ways to not just make good pictures, but GREAT pictures.

Eyes are always hungry :)

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