Thursday, October 29, 2009

Still With The Blogs

Maybe once I get in the habit of this I will feel the need to write something. Today I made sure to take a few pictures for posting. I also edited another of my cousin Haylee.

I have been spending some time... a LOT of time... looking at these photographer blogs. I am finding that they are pretty helpful. Even though they all seem to think that Canons are the latest rage, I am finding comparable information for my trusty Nikon. I also discovered some Photoshop tips. I am hoping that they are tucked in more than one location. The tip that I discovered didn't exactly give me what I am looking for, but at some point it may help me somewhere. It has gotten me a little inspired to start doing more portrait photography. I don't know that I would go so far as to capture weddings... most people I know that are anywhere near getting married live too far away and by the time I even get enough confidence, it will be my turn to tie the knot... after everyone else does. Haha. So, I have my mom lined up with get pictures with my dad. The hard thing is to get them both in the same location during good weather during the day. Massachusetts is full of unpredictability.

Oh I got a 99% on my Photography test. I think that is pretty sweet... though it was relatively easy. Coming into the class I knew a lot already. What I have learned is that I need more critiques. I need more people giving me points where I can improve. I may think that something looks good, but not till someone comes along and opens my eyes up to a better look... will I improve. Good pictures are nice... great pictures give you "ooglie" feelings. I like that. The kind that sends a chill through your body for a split second, yet you try to stifle it... because who gets all "ooglie" over a picture?

Ok, so here is a picture that I took of some fake flowers in my bathroom. My mom already pointed out that the mirror on the left side has to go... what would you suggest?

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  1. Notbad for a snapshot. Try going for different angles and including more of the mirror.