Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pro Photographer & Painting w/ Light

I forgot to write a post yesterday. But I guess I won't loose "points" for it. I spent a lot of time looking through Jasmine Star's blog reading all the descriptions for the weddings she photographed. My aunt told me about this photographer this past weekend. She apparently learned photography on her own and is now one of the top photographers in the nation. You should look her up. Every once in a while you see a photograph that really captures what people are like. That is what I enjoy looking for when I look at her photographs.

I learned about light painting in class last night. I always thought of it as making a bunch of designs in the darkness with a flash light. I did not realize that it actually includes illuminating a subject with different types of light, passing a flashlight (with a black shoot) over the subject like a paintbrush (without actually touching them of course!). Take a look at the link I included. It has some neat designs for light painting. I didn't really find any for just painting a subject. Basically it is all about low light photography. Pretty cool. This was mainly used before Photoshop came along and allowed you to create things on the computer. People must still find it enjoyable because it is still used.

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