Sunday, January 5, 2014

North Central Massachusetts Portrait Photography | Support my Brother and His Wife with Donations!

I was waiting till after Michelle sent out Christmas cards to post these photos of them. I didn't know that I would be posting this after they lost their little home. This morning before light a fire caught their home and they made it out just in time with just the clothes on their backs and their sweet dog Molly. This part is the blessing. The other part requires prayers, strength, and the love of others to help them. 

In having my own home I have experienced countless blessings where God has protected Chris and I. I am sure all of you can say the same about having a home.  Why them we may ask? I don't know how things end up the way they do, but one thing I do know and have always said... God knows what we can handle. 

God knows our losses and our gains. He knows how we can bounce back. He knows our potential to see another door or even a window. Life isn't about the should, could, or would. It is about just doing. I know that I have not experienced what these two have, but I am a surviver of this world and can say that God is bigger and greater despite. 

Despite the devil's attempts to get us discouraged, God has a way of turning those awful things into beautiful reflections of His grace and mercy. I have already seen the love that has flown forth for these two in the donations coming in. People they barely even know are telling of their need and are giving. I am here to keep putting out the word. Thank you to everyone who has given so far. As a big sister I can't say enough. All I can do now is watch God work.

If you feel impressed to give your support visit the following link (and share on Facebook!) and donate to the "New Nest" fund:

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