Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wedding Day | Yamiralis & Leif

I am not really sure how to start into a blog about a wedding. It is a day full of memory holding as everyone thinks about how they really don't want to forget it. I understand my place here and I hope that I have done what memory would be thankful for. 

Yami and Leif I knew sporadically through out life. Yami is my "latino brother's" cousin and I remember her quiet presence. Leif is the brother of a good high school friend who was also in my brother's class. I remember that he played basket ball and pretty much goofed around with his buddies. Paths cross at different intervals in life and I am glad that this crossing included camera taking!

With friends and family to witness, they embraced a life that was first introduced by God Himself. I am always glad to see these moments. My best wishes and blessings to them both!

It took Yami a year to find these shoes. Her feet are so small!


 For some reason this moment choked me up. The innocence maybe?

We all need a little of this and I am glad that I was able to capture it this way.

Photographing a wedding where it is all in a language you don't understand makes for a great adventure. Extremely glad I was able to capture this.

This photo right here gave me the extra boost of energy to capture the second half of the day. Talk about happiness!

Beautiful Yami.


Definitely can tell that she loves to hear him sing.

Here is to happily ever after!


  1. Super sweet job Krystal! Kudos and BRAVO! You did a WEDDING!!!

  2. These look really nice! The color is beautiful, and you captured great expressions and moments!