Sunday, November 13, 2011


So it is day #4 of this here juice fast. I am finally over the hunger pangs. After this is all over I am going to be a vegan. Who wants to spend 10 days cleaning their body out just drinking juice and then stuff themselves with animal products that the body stores in weird places because it just doesn't recognize it? Not me. Ya I am sure that I will have an animal product here and there but I don't want to dive into eating out and eating mac 'n' cheese.

I decided to do this when Christopher was juicing it up at his house one night. He decided to do it before I. I was sitting there at the kitchen table feeling, well, drowsy... awful... and tired. Plus for several months, well maybe a year or so, I have been feeling really lousy on Saturdays. I don't want to go cross-eyed in church from trying to stay awake and having tension headaches. Yesterday I sat in church WIDE awake AND without a neck, shoulder, or head ache.

I have also discovered that in this my mind is wicked clear and I can notice when anxiety erupts. I have many anxieties. Not gonna lie. I just feel happier all around. Who would have thought that that sluggish feeling could be my body crying out for rest.

Surprisingly I felt just as hungry sitting in church yesterday as I do every other Sabbath morning. I am still trying to figure out if going to 10 days is necessary but hey why not? Haha.

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