Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Randomness on a Wednesday

"Facebook is not involved with this promotion."

What have the fine lines come to in ads anyways? Why is there a fly in my room? Why aren't wrinkles awesome? What are all the short cuts on this keyboard?

I am happy lately. Well gradually happy. I am building my little business one hypothetical block at a time and today was the first time I admitted that I actually had a "business." Christopher is opening my mind to flash photography. Yes, New England deman
ds that I bring out the strobes.

I am also working out. Like, with weights. One day I did 30 sit ups, reclined. I was sore for a week straight and I couldn't even stretch them proper for another week. Also, while I was burning my legs off Christopher would tell me that you have to break down your muscles (basically tear them to pieces) in order to build up more muscles. I did NOT want to hear that as I was actually tearing them up. No Thank You. But here I am a few weeks later after trying to run at least 4 days a week and doing some random weight lifting. I even have my own weights. Ya. That awesome.

Here I am listening to random folk tunes. Sorry pop artists. I am actually not even sorry. Pictures make it all normal again.

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