Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Proposal!

I have an intuition for trusting or not trusting people. Yes, I know that I am gullible but when it really comes down to the thick and thin I subconsciously have trust. When I am in the city with Chris I let my guard down and almost back into people, A LOT. Thankfully he puts his hand out and stops me from colliding with a bystander. It is a relief really.

Where is this going? Oh yes, intuition. My mind prepared myself for the moment that Christopher asked me to marry him. A few times in the previous week or so I kept telling my co-worker, "I really want to get married. Like I really want to be engaged." Not just engaged to anyone mind you.

On that Sunday morning things were not normal. Christopher woke me up from my slumber by calling and saying we should probably get going. When I got to his house the car was ready to go and his mom was taking pictures. I was definitely thankful that the night before as I drove home I seriously asked myself the question that I felt was coming. I never could be more sure. It felt so right. Right isn't even the RIGHT word!

Christopher was determined to get to this one location where he said he went before with friends and family for cliff jumping. He is the kind of person that likes to take pictures of EVERYTHING. I usually get real critical of my surrounds and take like 5 pictures. Well this Sunday I was saying "OOOoo let's take a picture of that!" or "Let's stop here!" but he wouldn't do it. He had to find this one location with the cliff jumping off the side of the road. The closer we got to said location, the quieter things got. I was sitting there hoping that my intuition was right on. I was going to be disappointed otherwise... so I just sat there thinking. He was too, out of nerves.

We parked on the side of the road near this special spot, he grabs this extra green bag out of the car, and we head over the guard rail. I take some pictures of him and then we climb down the ledge to the river. It got a little funny and I knew that Christopher wasn't himself. After much pausing and distracting myself with my camera the next few minutes seemed like someone did a WARP SPEED on time. Next thing I know he is on one knee asking me a question and I am like "for real? like seriously for REAL?!" I probably said that one more time and then he says something about me answering the question. Felt pretty surreal as I said yes.

Then he presented me with the best gift ever. A 14-24mm 2.8 N series Nikon lens. Yup. It far passes any ring I could ever want. All of the pictures in the post are with the new lens too. My babe knows me. I honestly had no idea what he was going to do as far as a gift, even after much discussion about it previously. This is why I can let my guard down in the city....

I love you Babe.

This picture I took right after the question. I HAD to try the lens out but I was so excited that Christopher had to prompt me. He REALLY wanted to see how it worked out.

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