Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Maternity || Sharleen & Cuco

There is always room to grow in life. No matter how impossible something may seem there is that one door that opens last minute and tells you GO! New experiences, perspectives, and opportunities provide those doors. Today was the first time that I ever photographed a waiting mother. I knew Sharleen in high school and here I was standing in her new first home ready to take her picture as a soon to be mom. Time flies faster than the speed of light I think. I am thankful that my first maternity shoot was with such a laid back and warm person. I was privileged to hold time for her and her husband Cuco. All the opportunities that I am given, I am thankful for. It is what makes my heart, mind, and soul grow!

These will be her daughter's going home shoes. Orange was definitely a good idea. ; )

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