Monday, May 30, 2011

Baby Sessions || Emi

Practice makes perfect, so they say. I am sure that is true, but from what I know perfection has been ill defined. We think we reach a point of perfect when in reality it is an infinite practice and growth. Each day we find new things to critique and beautify. Our minds were made for eternity so why shouldn't we aim for a life full of eternal perfection. I love looking at pictures. I love looking at beautiful things. I love looking at the depths of the soul in a picture. I love being able to be the one to capture that depth. Our lives are chaos. Within that chaos is a peace, one that explodes tenderness, compassion, and a whole other branch of insights. I know that I can go on and on about perfection and practice, but without the pictures to prove my practice what is the point?

Emi is a sweety. She loves to be held and have a good laugh. She also likes to give me every case scenario. Children won't give you the expected. You just have to be there to catch the genuine personality. I LOVE how raw their actions are, even if it means a few tears. Enjoy.

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