Thursday, July 22, 2010

Travel || Boston Public Garden

Every time that I go to Boston I find something different. Ironic enough, I found animals in the city. They were kind enough to let me take their picture. I also came across some lovely plants. It rained before I brought out the camera so it gave me something to be thankful for. Even, beautiful lighting. We had planned to go on the swan boats, but due to thunder we could not. Next time I guess! I am still dreaming of another lens. My 50mm does a beautiful job, but I would really like to branch out.

Look at this guy. He paused just for me to take his picture. Most likely he was getting ready to hiss at me if I got any closer, but we have to think the best of him right? For such graceful looking birds, swans have pretty clumsy feet. They are blue, too. (The swan could have been a she, but roll with me here.)

My dad thought that maybe Mr. Squirrel was rabid. Mom thought he was just friendly. I guess it is all in how you look at it. Doesn't he look so inquisitive?

Happy Thursday!

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