Sunday, April 25, 2010

Travel || Edenton, NC

So here I am catching a little wireless in NC. I was able to get a few pictures dressed for the blog so that you can see them. The town that I visited a few days ago is nestled along the coast, tucked in a cove that is protected from the seasonal hurricanes and historically from the coming British. It used to be a major port town, but now it is just a quiet little town with some pretty fascinating homes. Sadly, I don't have many pictures of the homes. I tried photographing a couple, but I had to practically back up into the street and then some to get the whole thing. A normal (50 mm) lens is not made for such things.

These are from a little restaurant we stopped at for lunch. It was colorful, with plenty of creative decor.

I had to show you the flag of course.

These rocking chairs are sitting on the porch of a home that was moved from in town to the edge of the water. It was moved all in one piece. This thing has two porches. Ya, it is big. It is the home of Penelope. A woman who started another Tea Party down in the south. She got a bunch of women to stop buying the British tea since they were charging a tax. Nothing beats the Boston Tea Party though. Bostonian folks not only didn't buy the tea... they threw it in the harbor!

This is inside of her home. Though the lighting that day wasn't all that wonderful for outside shots, it was beautiful for indoor photography.

I know that these pictures do not really give you an idea of what the town was like, but I had to try my best. I really want a wide angle now. Here is one picture of a home that I worked to get. As you can see, an overcast day does nothing for a house and all its curves. ;)

Just a close up of the wonderful garden at this home.

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